The new Ancient Agents album is out. Have a listen. You can get a digital download or order the CD here:

Earlier this year we formed Ancient Agents, a band of four carefully chosen musicians, three of whom are based in SA. We workshopped ideas and realised we had the dream team of instrumentalists! So we flew our Swedish counterpart, Fredrik, to Cape Town and hit the road for a tour of SA. Ten sold-out shows later and with three days until Fred returned home, we recorded the music. He’ll be back in September to launch the album, and we need your help to give it the final push to get it out there.
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I’ve been working on an album which takes me back to my roots as a didgeridoo player. The album is a collection of 12 compositions, featuring 25 instruments, all of which were played, recorded, produced and conceived by me. Get the album here.

Watch the video E.P.K. here